Hello Everyone,
Can someone tell me the most efficient way to free up space in my phone? It's so full that some apps can't function. I take a lot of photos, thousands!, (stored in Gallery, on Google Photos & on SD card I installed in the phone) and assume that's why I keep getting the messages in the above title. When I open the SD card I can view the images. When I open 'my files', 'device storage', 'DCIM', '.thumbnails I can view them also. When attempting to open the Gallery app a message appears, saying that there's not enough space in device memory & to delete some files. Then, instead of Gallery opening My Files opens. The images can also be seen in the Google Photos app on the phone, and on my laptop computer (also via G Photos). With them being available in so many places you would think I'd be comfortable just deleting them from the phone! I haven't done that though because: 1) I'd like to put them on a CD or flash drive (to put in our safe deposit box) and I don't know how. 2) I don't know which Venue to make that transfer from (Gallery, Google Photos, device storage, or SD card)? 3) In each of those venues the pictures are organized differently so I can't tell if they're all synced (if all photos are stored in each venue). 4) I assume all pictures should be deleted from device storage, SD card (once they're safely stored on a disk or flash drive), & Gallery, but is it OK to keep them on the Google Photos app on the phone? 5) And last...when I emailed a few pics from device storage (DCIM, thumbnails) to myself, and downloaded them to my laptop they went into a zip file, something else I know nothing about! Sorry for this long & detailed question! If anyone could guide me through this I'd be so grateful!! 

Any idea , Suggestions would be appreciated


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