1/2 hp pump does not start

Greetings friend, I have a pump pedrollo of 1/2 hp, connect it in a place where rain water and mud, the truth is that yesterday when I went to turn it only to a small noise as if I wanted to start but not start, the top uncovered where is the capacitor that by clergy is 25 UF (microfarad) and that was totally wet with white things that looked like salt. I clean the uncover behind the fan remove and clean there, the winding in that back was wet and full of mud, half clean leave it uncovered until today to see if dry dawn the mud but when I went to move the shaft was hard and I had to turn it with a pliers, I connect it to the current and it still does not start, what can I do? Can friends help me?

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if the shaft is smooth, then check the starter coil, it may be that the coil has opened.
Hi. For this case the ideal would be not to force it or try to turn it on as it is. It would have to be taken to a workshop to be disarmed, cleaned and lubricated. regards
Hi, look for uses in the interperie where it is exposed to liquids and particulate you will have to look at the ip that has the equipment so that it is adequate, second when being exposed to mud, its lubrication fails because it is contaminated and has particulate is going to generate damage in its mobile parts and for that you will have to do mechanical maintenance this for the mechanical area. For the electrical side you will have to measure the capacitance of the capacitor that could have been damaged and do not start until the mobile parts of the pump are in proper conditions because if you are not going to consume more for the load that is being applied and the coils are coming calculated for x amperage if exposed to overcharged and damaged.
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