Yamaha dx27 keyboard without audio

That such a good day I have a yamaha dx27 keyboard with no audio. Neither in headset nor in audio output
First, when you turn the power on (cng memory battery)
I changed it and removed it
How did you get him to put the sounds to him? As I know that the oroginals sounds in the memory and they do not lose they only have to record them
Sorry if I'm not very accurate in the explanation. I'm an electronics student, but I want to learn thanks
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    That I remember the DX27 has no way to change their banks, it is a digital FM keyboard that means that only if you could modify surround parameters, dsp and some other features but let me see.

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    Then the audio problem would have to do more with the preamp

    And thanks for helping.

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1, - DX27 has ROM ie it does not lose the banks nor sounds. 2.- It's an authentic vintage FM keyboard. 3.- If it works and it turns on and you can select sounds and banks but it is not heard then it can be the amplifier. 4.- Obtain the SYSEX file of the DX27 in the internet (it is the one containing the complete ROM). Then get a MIDI-PC cable to dump your banks and source tones (that might also be why it's not heard) obviously you'll have to get minimal Cakewalk-Sonar or some software that runs SYSEX. I'm sending you a diagram maybe you can check the AUX output by connecting it to a guitar amp or something.

[=Url/ver-adjunto/aHR0cDovL2Nkbi55b3JlcGFyby5jb20vdXBsb2Fkcy9kZWZhdWx0LzAwMDEvMjAveWFtYWhhX2R4LTI3X3NjaC03OTQ0Ni5wZGY=] yamaha_dx-27_sch.pdf [8.00mb]
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    So I have to check the amplifier and if it's okay, I'd like to thank him for his thanks.