kyocera km 1500la

how to reset drum kyocera km1500la. after the exchange.
simulation and how to enter code. need help thanks

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no need to reset. copier does not indicates maintenance period.

good luck!
imaging unit is set for 100,000 copies,
after that if you just swapped it do not forget to add toner to it (I do it manually, too lazy to lookup the manual just for that), otherwise you'd get blank copies from the new unit.
thanks for the help. even after changing the drum added new toner. copies remains unclear. done cleaning the laser mirrors and swapped the fuser roller transfer roller exchange it with this clear copies.
You have to open up the scanner section and clean throughly the scanner mirrors too,(as a matter of fact you have to disengage the upper mirror to gain access to the bottom mirrors) -and the lens unit as well-, that way you can obtain better image, I'm supposing at this point that you are using OEM toner- am I right?
cleaning scanner mirrors made more copies remains transparent. some solution.
If you changed the drum only and not the entire imaging unit, then you might have not fully reasembled the DV unit and could be loose, making your copies clear, the drum section and the DV section have to be against each other firmly kept closed by 2 springs at each side,
ok. Thanks for the tips. imaging unit tested ok in another printer. Ok clean the scanner mirrors. Print & Copy in white. es la mayor comunidad sobre Reparaciones de habla hispana. Nos ayudamos mutuamente a reparar lo que sea, y una reparación a la vez luchamos juntos contra el problema de la chatarra electrónica.

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