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Ukulele hesitates to learn

Hello I want to learn how to play the ukulele but I want to know if there is the digitation ie the numbers of the fingers to put chords, if someone knows I could indicate? and to know if it is a universal norm is to say if in the whole world the fingers are enumerated equally. thank you very much!!

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Talanchas, well, I congratulate you first for grabbing the Ukulele, you'll enjoy it a lot! Feliz

Usually the chord guides that you will find do not mention the finger that you have to use to press on each fret, but sometimes they do.

The numbering of the fingers of the left hand (or the one you use) is the same as in the guitar:

1 - Index finger
2 - Finger
3 - Ring finger.
4 - The pinkie, but it is very rare to use it in the ukulele.

For example, for a Major G chord, or G, the picture you would find is as follows:

That you usually end up solving with these fingers:

Anyway, keep in mind that this is always a suggestion, but depending on the circumstances or even the shape of your hand sometimes you may agree to use different fingers to make the same chord.

For example, this same chord of Sol capable you end up doing with a nut like this:

Although you will get used to certain digits using them always for the same chords it is sometimes more comfortable to do something else depending on what chord you came from and what chord you are going to. You're going to figure it out for yourself.

the chords are almost the same as the charango