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the condensor is polarized and the player is not labeled with

Greetings friends I am repairing a car player which has a black square capacitor of 5.5vx 0.1uf I do not get it in the store I would like to know if I can replace it with another type of condensate and change its value if it is possible what its recommendation would be thanks
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    you should not change the value, you must connect the same type of capacitor even for more volts. you should also see if it is of the non-polarized type or if it is of the electrolytic type

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    Do you have the make and model?

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If it's squares I do not think it's polarized. for me it is depolarized and for the value would be a 104. Luck
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    friend the capacitor says the following S 5.5v 0.1uf -saf + osea its pins are indicated as negative and positive I will continue looking in the store or in workshops aver if I find it