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PST electronics alarm I lock the engine crank

IMG_20170822_153315848.jpg [3.72MB] (Invalid img) Hello everyone! I'm new here and with the car is my first car. It's a citroen c3 1.4 hdi 2004 model. I tell you my problem is that yesterday I was using the most normal thing and I see in the fuse box that the alarm box was and I had a plug disconnected, (I clarified that the alarm was going but the siren did not want to fix it) I turned off the engine and plugged in the disconnected connector and it made sparks and the central closing noise and when I put the car in contact the ECONOMY MODE ON screen appears, the panel lights all turned off the only one that this on is the mileage and the battery that does not stop blinking, and it is pressed again the central locking and I give start and nothing. I do not know what to do and I set the alarm fuses, central locking and all other fuses and everything is normal. The alarm box probe disconnect all the cables and the same, probe disconnect the battery 10min and the same, probe with two different materials and everything does the same.
the alarm is CYB - FXUS2.1

I hope you can help me and I thank them from greetings to all IMG_20170818_211610045.jpg [3.16MB]
I uploaded photos I hope you can see. The problem where it was is in the white chip that has 4 cables there is where the sparking was done. I was sending email with the alarm company and told me to disconnect the two black wires and the one and so the alarm would be disabled but it still does not make contact with the key. For me who does not recognize the key I burn something because it does not contact. Another thing I do not know what to do, and I answer to the one who answered me, I already tried it with several batteries and I loaded it and everything, the problem does not come from there. Thank you all.
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    Hi. The two United black wires cancel the motor lock. The spark is almost normal as this tab feeds the alarm. If you still do not start, connect the 2 black wires and fix the fuses on the motor side. If I remember correctly it is a 15A (blue). Check the fuses and if it is burnt some change and try to start. If it does not start, check if it burns again. If so, you have a problem with the alarm blocking (follow the black wires) or another problem with the ignition. In these cases it is not advisable to cut the wiring of the wrench as it has a high consumption.

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I doubted that I put something to the computer of the car and I would walk that way and check the computer of the car for something they had left that disconnected
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    If thanks friend makes sense I thought to send it to scan the computer to see if it jumps the fault or but to a house of electricity of the automobile. Thanks for your help

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    put together the 2 thick black wires that enter the alarm center (the ones shown in the second picture), these are the cut of the motor of the car, putting them together is like the alarm has no motor cut

Hi. You should upload photos of the alarm to see that it was disconnected. Also the alarm does not block the motor. The active economy mode is always said by the citroen and peugeot. They all come like this. Did you try to charge the battery? The cables you removed did you disconnect or cut? regards