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Tablet SM-T210 indicates 100% charge and goes off after 3 min

Tablet Samsung sm-t210, after 100% charging starts and stays on for 3 to 5 minutes and turns off, turns on we check that it has enough charge and stays on for another few minutes and turns off, the back part is heated , a hard reset was made and continued to go out. thank you for your suggestions.
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    Hello good afternoon start by measuring the capacity of the battery which I do not think is the problem more or a problem of protections test it with the charger plugged in and tell me receive best regards ok friend.

1 Proposed Solution

friend disarms the tablet and looks like this state of the battery I tell you because my step or put to load the tablet and in 5 minutes was completely discharged when uncovering the tablet I realized that the battery is blown I touch change the battery for a new one since I saw and I realized that the battery was generic so it was unloaded look if the battery is in good condition that is not blown be aware and look that it is not blown