Xerox 5314

me pueden decir que es el error U 3 de una XEROX 5314

2 Soluciones propuestas

segun el INTRAVIAS la definicion es U3: MAIN BOARD DIP SWITCHES WRONG, LENS DRIVE PROBLEM. es un problema de scanner
con estos codigos sabras que tiene tu copiadora pero te digo que el codigo u3 es un problema con la<posicion del scaner ingresa al modo de servio e introduse el codigo 6 -2 y por ahi empiza esta lista de codigos y erroes esta muy de tallada guerdalo siempre te servira

NOTE: To display a secondary Status Code: Press the Stop button.
A1 Document Jam (while one document was being copied)
A2 Document Jam (while more than one document was being copied)
C1 Tray 1 misfeed (sheet didn’t reach Paper Feed Sensor in time)
C2 Tray 2 misfeed (sheet didn’t reach Tray 2 Jam Sensor in time... can also mean Transport Cover open or Bypass Tray disconnected)
C3 Bypass misfeed (or Bypass Tray not seated correctly, or out of paper)
EE-EL Auto Developer adjustment - overtoned condition detected
EE-EU Auto Developer adjustment - undertoned condition detected
E1 Paper feed sensor jam (sheet didn’t reach the Exit Sensor in time)
E3 Exit sensor jam (sheet didn’t leave the Exit Sensor in time)
J0 Auto developer setup in progress (initial install only) (takes 3 min. for DV setup)
J1 Low Dry Ink ratio (Add toner)
J3 Drum Cartridge (CRU) not seated or inserted properly, or dirty contact.
J7 Replace or Recondition Drum Cartridge (CRU copies remaining = 0)
J8 Incorrect Copy Cartridge (or power switched off & then on after a J7 appeared)
L6 Key counter not inserted
U1 Main Drive Motor failure (Main Drive Motor didn’t energize or ran at the wrong speed)
U2 Full Rate Carriage scan problem (Carriage didn’t move or didn’t return home)
U3 Lens position problem
U4,01* Open Fuser Thermistor
U4,02* Low Fuser Temperature
U4,03* High Fuser Temperature
U5 Tray 1 Lift Motor failure (500 sheet tray)
U6** Main PWB communications failure
U7 SDF Document Glass overheat
U8 Problem with power source (wall outlet)
U9 Auto developer setup

To enter diagnostics: Turn on the copier while holding the ‘0’ button... all display panel indicators will light.
To enter a code: Enter the first part of the code followed by the 'Print' button, then the second part of the code followed by the 'Print' button again.

*To clear a Fuser Code: 20-52

**Logic Memory reset: 20-96
Note: this resets all NVM settings to factory defaults including current exposure, toner ratio, and fuser temperature settings. If this doesn’t clear a U6 Code, check all connectors on Main Board...Replace it if that doesn’t work.

Checking Copy Counts: (Copier Counter Data Codes)
3-1........Total Copies
3-2........Copy Cartridge (CRU) Copies Made

Testing Switches & Sensors: (Input Component Codes)
In diagnostic mode, enter the code for the component, then manually actuate the switch or sensor and watch for the appropriate console lamp to light.
Code Component Console Lamp to watch
2-2 Control Panel Buttons
(except Stop/Clear) Display Window LED
5-1 SDF Interlock Switch SDF Jam Light
5-1 SDF Document Present Sensor Dry Ink Light
5-1 SDF Registration Sensor Copier Jam Light
5-1 SDF Exit Sensor CRU Light
6-2 Carriage Home Sensor CRU Light
6-2 Lens Home Sensor Dry Ink Light
6-6 Document Cover Open Switch CRU Light
7-1 Tray 1 Position Sensor (500 sheet) Tray 1 Light
7-1 Tray 1 Empty Sensor Tray 1 Light (if tray 1=250 sheet)
Tray 2 Light (if tray 1=500 sheet)
7-1 Paper Size Sensor Dry Ink Light
7-1 Paper Feed Sensor Copier Jam Light
7-1 Exit Sensor CRU Light
7-2 Tray 2 Jam Sensor Copier Jam Light
7-2 Tray 2 Empty Sensor Tray 1 Light
7-2 Transport Open Sensor Dry Ink Indicator

Checking Clutches, Motors, Lamps, Solenoids & Corotrons: (Output Component Codes)
Use these codes to check the operation of a component such as a clutch or motor. Code Component Activated
2-1 Control Panel Lamps (All lamps light for five seconds)
4-1 Main Drive Motor
5-2 SDF Drive Motor
5-3 SDF Nudger Solenoid
5-4 SDF Registration Clutch
5-5 Optics Cooling Fan (SDF)
6-1 Scan Drive Motor (runs 1 scan)
6-3 Lens Drive Motor (runs 1 R/E cycle)
6-4 Exposure Lamp Optics Cooling Fan (turns on for 3 seconds)
8-1 Stripper Finger Solenoid (cycle for 3 seconds)
8-2 Tray 1 lift motor (500 sheet tray only)
8-3 Tray 2 Feed Clutch
8-4 Bypass Feed Solenoid (turns on for 5 seconds)
8-5 Bypass Nudger Solenoid (turns on for 3 seconds)
8-6 Feed / Transport Clutch
8-7 Tray 1 Feed Clutch
8-8 Registration Clutch (turns on for 3 seconds)
9-2 Charge Corotron & Transfer Corotron
9-5 Detack Corotron
9-6 Discharge Lamp
9-8 Dry Ink Motor (do not do this with the Dry Ink Cartridge in place!)
10-1 Fuser Heat Rod (turns on for 3 seconds)
10-2 Fuser Cooling Fans (on for 3 seconds)

Changing NVM Settings: (Non Volatile Memory (NVM) Settings)
To change a setting... enter the diagnostic code you want, press ‘Print’ (the current setting will be displayed). Then enter the new value followed by ‘Print’ and then ‘Stop’.
Code Setting Description Range Default Details
20-1 Dry Ink Concentration Ratio 0-99 - For Developer changes... setup is automatic and takes 3-5 min.
20-2 Fuser Temperature 75 to 00 (00=100) 90 Represents last 2 digits of current temperature settings
20-4 Exposure Level (3 settings)
one on ‘text’ setting,
one on ‘photo’ setting,
one on ‘auto’ setting. 00 to 99
00 to 99
00 to 99 -
- Higher setting means more voltage to the Exposure Lamp and lighter copies.
20-6 Magnification (front to rear) 00 to 99 50 Adjusts position of the lens
20-7 Magnification (lead to trail edge) 00 to 99 50 Value for Lead Edge to Trail Edge Magnification
20-8 SDF Magnification 00 to 99 50 Same as above for SDF
20-9 Lead Edge Registration 00 to 99 0 Value for timing of the Registration Clutch.
20-10 Registration Buckle
(for Tray 1 & 2):
(for Bypass Tray) 00 to 99
00 to 99 25
50 Value for timing the Feed / Transport Clutches.
20-11 Lead Edge Deletion
Trail Edge Deletion 00 to 99
00 to 99 50
50 Value for timing energizing of Charge Corotron Grid.

Information for the Machine’s Operator:

Setting Default Paper Tray:
If you want to change the tray your machine uses by default:

Press & hold the ‘Paper Tray Select ‘ button for 4 seconds (until the red and yellow lights flash on the copier diagram).
Press the ‘0’ button.
Press the ‘Start’ button to show the current setting (01,02 or 03).
Press the ‘1’ button to select Tray 1, the ‘2’ button to select Tray 2, or the ‘3’ button to select the Bypass Tray.
Press ‘Paper Tray Select ‘again to exit the programming mode.
Time to Autoclear:

Press & hold the ‘Paper Tray Select’ button for about 4 seconds (until the red and yellow lights flash on the copier diagram).
Press the ‘1’ button.
Press the ‘Start’ button to display the current setting. (10,11,12,13, or 14)
Press the ‘0’ button to select no time out (never autoclears). 1=30 seconds, 2=60 seconds, 3=90 seconds, 4=120 seconds.
Press the ‘Start’ button to store your selection.
Press the ‘Paper Tray Select’ button to exit programming mode.
Time to Power Saver:

Press & hold the ‘Paper Tray Select ‘button for about 4 seconds (until the red and yellow lights flash on the copier diagram).
Press the ‘2’ button.
Press the ‘Start’ button to display current setting. (20,21,22,23, or 24)
Press the ‘0’ to select no power saver, the ‘1’ button to select 4 minutes, the ‘2’ button to select 30 min, the ‘3’ button to select 90 min, the 4 button to select 120 min.
Press the ‘Start’ button to store your selection.
Press the ‘Paper Tray Select’ button to exit the programming mode