electrificador de cercas de 40 km

​​ Scan0024.jpg [248.24kb] Buenos dias colleagues arme this fence energizer but I Problems with the TIP41C, with heat sink lasts for a week and burns by overtemperature, I will be failing or reform I can make it to withstand this transistor and not burn.
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    It changes the transistor by one of greater power and current.

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The heatsink is perhaps too small, it increases the area of ​​the heatsink and ... sends another data that tension comes out of the output? If you do not have a meter, do the following: the two tips approach very carefully until the spark goes out, measure the maximum distance that skips the spark and considers that for each millimeter is a kilovolt
use another npn in to3 a 2n3055
Greetings my friends, you should measure the frequency and see at which frequency point has the highest performance, this will depend on the type of transformer elevator you are using


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