Sony Audio System HCDRG88 "Push Power Protect"


Does anyone here know why my stereo does this? Your assistence would be much appreciated.

¿Alguna persona aquí sabe porqué mi estereo hace ésto? Su asistencia sería muy apreciada.


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you have the amplifying transistor of audio in short, you must replace it, luck.

Usted tiene el transistor amplificador de audio en cortocircuito, usted debe substituirlo, suerte.
Hi, from wich country do you wrote ? Are yuo a technician? This is a serius bussines, if you really need help try to write en spanish ´cause we are latinos.
That system have a two STK´s IC check disconecting both. One at the time and tell us what hapenned.

Hola, de que pais escribió? ¿Usted es técnico? esta es una profesión seria, si usted realmente necesita ayuda, pruebe escribir en español porque somos latinos.
Ese sistema tiene dos STKs pruebe desconectando ambos. De a uno y entonces nos dice que sucede.
Hi All,

Sorry I took so long to respond, and thank you all for your patience.

I live in Acapulco and still have the aforementioned problem. Does anyone know the approximate cost of the stk IC for that particular Sony model? Where to find in a place like Aca?

I'm not necesarily a tech, but have some electronic experience.

Hola a Todos,
Disculpen por tardar en responder, y gracias a todos por su paciencia.
Vivo en Acapulco y todavía tengo el problema ya mencionado. ¿Alguno de ustedes sabe el coste aproximado del IC stk para ese modelo particular de Sony? ¿Donde encuentro un lugar aca donde lo tengan?
No soy necesariamente un técnico, sino tengo cierta experiencia electrónica.
By the way, Thanks for all your efforts to help me in English !!!

¡A propósito, gracias por todos sus esfuerzos de ayudarme en inglés!!!
Hello again; My advise would be bring the System to Sony authorized shop that´s the easy way. Otherwise could be worse, because Sony has sensitive parts inside wich will be damaged by a simple touch aside the risk of electric shock. Just visit and click support to find closest shop or look for a tech who lives in Acapulco in this site( I glad will help you but I live 5 hours (driving) from there.
Thank you Juan, et al for all tour assistence. I did just that - took it to a tech. The bill was 1100 pesos. Does that sound about right?

Gracias a todos

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